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../ Our current house in Lago Vista Texas

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[thumbnail for p0000199.jpg] 67K The toilet in the master bath
[thumbnail for p0000197.jpg] 79K The shower will always be bright :)
[thumbnail for p0000181.jpg] 181K From the other corner of the house, There's a couple nice trees out front
[thumbnail for p0000188.jpg] 94K The kitchen, NICE!
[thumbnail for p0000200.jpg] 135K The backyard with cactus garden and patio
[thumbnail for p0000196.jpg] 65K Master bath
[thumbnail for p0000201.jpg] 142K Shot from the ne corner of the lot
[thumbnail for p0000189.jpg] 88K The Kitchen again
[thumbnail for p0000180.jpg] 172K Unlike our last house, we have our own mailbox here!
[thumbnail for p0000187.jpg] 93K The living room
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