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../ Our current house in Lago Vista Texas

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[thumbnail for p0000202.jpg] 89K The dinning spot off the kitchen, the living room is to the left
[thumbnail for p0000184.jpg] 82K Front Door
[thumbnail for p0000183.jpg] 92K The Garage (with Jodi's truck)
[thumbnail for p0000192.jpg] 77K The common bathroom
[thumbnail for p0000195.jpg] 70K The master bedroom
[thumbnail for p0000178.jpg] 106K From across the street
[thumbnail for p0000182.jpg] 154K Down the south side, the plastic things visible on the grass our the "Grinder"
[thumbnail for p0000185.jpg] 69K Front door from inside
[thumbnail for p0000177.jpg] 102K From across the street
[thumbnail for p0000179.jpg] 128K Down the side, that's Mike our inspector
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