Ideal Internet Applications

I've been on the internet for a while now. I've tried and discarded many applications before settling on my favorites. This list is provided to save you the time and frustration of downloading many a loser application. While your favorites may end up different than mine, you should find these easy to use and powerfull.

HomesiteHTML EditorNick BradburyShareware $25I've tried a *lot* of HTML editors, only 2 have beaten out notepad. Hotdog is a fine editor but it is buggy and bloated. Homesite has all the same features and comes in an elegant quick package at 1 fourth the price. Simply the best, check it out.
NetscapeWeb BrowserNetscapeSharewareSimply the best, and everyone else is using it. Therefore most pages are designed with Netscape in mind, so if you don't use it, you may be missing out...
Pegasus for WindowsMailDavid HarrisFreewareThe best mail application, and its free! Can't beat that combo, this Ap is feature rich and very powerful.
AgentNews ReaderForteCommercialware $30With the addition of Kill lists in the latest release, it is finally approaching the power of UNIX style newsreaders. No other windows newsreader comes close. If you have to browse USENET from windows, this is the Ap for you.
mIRCIRCKhaled Mardam-BeyShareware $15This is the most popular and easy to use of the many IRC applications out there. With its scripting language it is also very customizable and powerful.
WS-FTPFTPJohn JunodFreewareFor simple FTP downloads you may be happy with Netscape, but sooner or later you will want more power, then get WS-FTP and you will be happy.

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This page was last modified on 10-4-96