My Friends

Those who have homepages

Mike Stover
Alerted me to the job opening for my current job, so he gets to be first! The tallest 6'5" basketball center I've ever seen.
Amy Fedyk
Actually married into that name. Be nice to her, she always carries a rocket launcher! Sneaky photographer too.
Dan Dan
Former boss, good DukeMatch player, knows how to throw a wedding!
Debbie Waugh
Has the priviledge of being a former girlfriend of mine, although she might rather I mention her awesome bridge playing skills. She'll also be a doctor in Mathematics sometime soon.
Rob Allis
Member of the HaVoC Troops, network guru, leadoff softball hitter, 200+ average bowler. Too bad he can't play Quake worth a Damn!

Lame ones without homepages, but I like 'em anyways

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