Computer Games!!

I've been playing computer games since the TRS-80 model 1. Nearly all personal computers since then I have touched and played games upon, including the Apple ][, the Atari 800 and my own Pentium machine.

My current favorites are:

QuakeGet Quake
The latest and greatest game by the geniuses at ID. While the game doesn't quite live up to all of its immense hype, it is by far the most realistic and enjoyable 1st person shoot-em-up around. The true 3-d architecture is simply amazing and the full polygon graphics being rendered at light speed are incredible. While its true that playing single player is only barely superior to DOOM and possibly less involved that Duke-3D, just try playing it on one of the many internet servers devoted to the game. For no additional cost you can log in to many servers with as many as 16 players going at it solo, or in teams. It is truly a chaotic, bloody, gorefest.. See you there!
Civilization II
Duke Nukem 3D
The current competitor to QUAKE as the king of the hill in the first person action game field. It has an undeniable appeal and many, many supporters. My take, Pro's: Cool Weapons, Sound effects, and special graphics. Con's: the only internet multiplayer supported option TEN, frankly sucks, and the game is inescapably 2 dimensional with a lot of tricks to cover it up. 3DRealms/Apogee created a great game here but it is not riding the forefront of technology, of course that means you can run in on a fast 486...
Doom and Doom II
The first time I played Doom I was blown away! Running through lifelike caverns dodging fireballs thrown by really ugly monsters was my idea of a GREAT game. I've logged more hours into playing Doom and its sequel than any other game by far. Single player play held my attention for weeks, and I still play them multiplayer. Generally WADS(maps) made by people specifically for DeathMatch play are the best to use. I recommend the whole Danzig series of levels.

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Last updated on 9-12-96